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HEAD SOFTWARE ENGINEER job vacancy at 25th and staffing in Lagos

Job Title


Job Type

Full Time

Industry / Specialization

Others - Others

Qualification Requirements


Years of Experience

3 Years

Job Availability

From: 24-Jul-2019 To: 7-Aug-2019

Job Functions

## Job Description for Head, Software Engineering

  • Lead software development team to develop, document and maintain entire cutting-edge web-based applications.
  • Develop and manage software engineering applications utilizing standard development tools.
  • Provide technical consultation as well as expertise to Product Managers.
  • Stimulate hiring, career plans, training as well as performance reviews for software engineering team.
  • Review all documents related to Product requirement and participate in product brainstorming sessions.
  • Provide employee coaching, mentoring, development and team building.
  • Head responsibility to analyze, design, develop and support all software application systems.
  • Participate actively in Scrum software development process as Scrum Master.
  • Provide leadership, management and technical vision to entire software engineering team.
  • Develop and implement software engineering plans appropriately.
  • Manage all software engineering schedules, budget and resource allocation.
  • Manage joint development with 3rd party vendors as well as outsourced development.
  • Assist software development team to attain optimal team performance through removing technical obstacles.
  • Help improve team processes and handle resource tribulations if any.
  • Interact with different members to ensure successful delivery of each sprint iteration and product release.

Job Requirements

## Technical Requirements

  • Proven experience building enterprise solutions with Java 8, Hibernate, Scalar, Spring MVC, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
  • Proficiency in Frontend technologies - Angular, React, JavaScript
  • Hands on experience with relational and NoSQL databases – MSSQL, MySql, Oracle, MongoDB and Redis
  • Experience developing restful APIs, Micro-services and other distributed systems
  • Expertise in using java build systems and DevOps tools - Maven, Gradle and Docker.
  • Proficiency in use of continuous integration and delivery process and technology
  • Proficient with creation and management of CI/CD pipeline for applications built to run on Dockers using Jenkins and Kubernetes
  • Hands-on experience with Windows/Linux/Mac OS environments