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QUANTITY SURVEYOR job vacancy in Lagos | 25th and staffing

Job Title


Job Type

Full Time

Industry / Specialization

Building & Construction - Procurement, Store-keeping & Supply Chain

Qualification Requirements


Years of Experience

4 Years

Job Availability

From: 4-May-2021   To: 14-May-2021

Job Functions

Construction technology and environmental management
● Evaluation of identified construction processes and technologies
● Advise on appropriate construction methods, processes and techniques based
on established criteria
● Evaluate the impact of different construction techniques on organisational
● Identify potential problems and risks associated with the selected construction
● Verify risks and limitations of identified construction techniques and seek
suitable alternatives

Contract Management
● Review contracts to suggest amendments
● Approve new contracts
● Negotiate contract terms as required
● Advise on best practices for document control techniques
● Identify contractual issues against contract terms
● Lead contract management discussions
● Initiate post-contract analyses, evaluation and reporting
● Advice on contractual risks

Project visibility/site assessment
● Assess the business environment and organisational capabilities and prepare
financial projections, as well as report findings to relevant stakeholders
Procurement and tendering
● Manage overall procurement processes and ascertain adherence to SOPs
● Make recommendations for award of tenders

Project Costing and Financial Reporting
● Develop project budgets in accordance with project specifications and
organisational costing policies to provide estimation of total project costs
● Perform sensitivity analyses, break-even analyses and variance analyses
● Monitor, report and forecast project costs to ensure project objectives are
achieved throughout the project life cycle
● Recommend strategies for cost management
● Manage project costs to ensure organisational objectives are achieved
● Understand the principles of contingencies /risk allowances
● Prepare and present financial reports on the performance of a project atappropriate intervals to provide effective forecasting of costs, risks and their
financial implications.


Job Requirements

  • Bachelors degree in Quantity Surveying, building, industrial design or a similar

           field from a recognized tertiary institution.

  • Member of the Q.S Institute
  • Minimum of (4) years experience in a similar position.

● Knowledge of applicable construction company policies and procedures,
quantity surveying principles and practices. and data processing
principles as applied to the solution of construction problems.
● Ability to interpret and prepare drawings, maps, graphs, specifications
and compilation of numerical data.
● Ability to maintain accurate records and prepare clear and concise
● Expert level competence with MS Office package and other relevant
Other requirements, abilities for the position:
● Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
● Sound knowledge of construction.
● Excellent negotiating and interpersonal skills.
● Ability to organize, plan, and strategize