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CENTRE LIAISON COORDINATOR job vacancy in Lagos | 25th and staffing

Job Title


Job Type

Full Time

Industry / Specialization

General - Hospitality, Hotel & Restaurant

Qualification Requirements


Years of Experience

3 Years

Job Availability

From: 27-Apr-2021   To: 5-May-2021

Job Functions

Duties and Responsibilities                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Facilities management
    • Liaise with Head Product control
    • Ensure safe and well-maintained facilities to enhance the experience of all members and guests.
    • Manage all janitorial and housekeeping functions.
    • Manage the schedules of staff/contractors responsible for cleaning and housekeeping.
      • Daily cleaning
      • Weekly deep clean
      • Pest control
      • Plant maintenance
    • Ensure that staff complete any required cleaning and maintenance check lists.
    • Manage the cleaning program to the agreed Covid Protocol and ensure Covid -consumables.
    • Monitor the air conditioning in the Centre and client’s server rooms daily and attend to any temperature’s fluctuations immediately.
    • Responsible to arrange and achieve all scheduled preventative maintenance on premises and equipment, including regulatory requirements like health safety, fire safety etc.
      • HVAC
      • UPS
      • Fire Systems
      • FM200 system
    • Implements and updates the approved facility refurbishment in accordance with guidelines set out by the management team.
    • Maintain an inventory of tools, supplies, consumables, and stock of daily use items.
    • Ensure lock down procedure is followed by all when on duty.
    • Ensure Liaison with the Building management regarding.
      • Building Access Control (Office & Parking)
      • Cleanliness of the communal washrooms
      • Power and Air conditioner failures and services (Keep record of all failures and repair times)
      • Any other issue
    • Repair of any faulty item in Centre (after approval of Quote)
  • Member management
    • Ensure contracts for new members are signed up prior to occupation
    • Oversight responsibility for day one planning and experience
    • Manage induction of all new members.
    • Liaise with staff to ensure members are properly settled in
    • Attend to members’ day to day administrative requirements
    • Must at all times offer pleasant support for any direct queries from clients
    • Responsible for escalation and closure of client complaints.
    • Tour of Potential clients
  • Personnel management
    • Ensure staff are well versed in company policies, procedures and products
    • Ensure good working environment with teamwork and good communication as priority
    • Coordinate the activities and duties of all support staff members
    • Coordinate staff leave and off days, keeping and maintaining accurate records of the same
    • Act as mediator between clients and support staff for resolution of any conflicts that might arise
    • Act as a mentor to all staff, by emphasizing professional, friendly, supportive behavior at all times
  • Finance and Administration
    • Overall responsibility for monthly client billing communication to the central  finance team
    • Direct responsibility in managing and reconciling petty cash.
    • Maintain an up to date records of all clients on the provided systems and submit various reports as may be required
    • Oversight responsibility in ensuring the communication systems run adequately at all times – this will involve close liaison with IT
    • Direct responsibility in keeping HQ informed on all admin related matters at all times
    • Liaise with HQ on marketing requirements for the Centre.
  • Other
    • Based at Reception desk, receiving visitors and clients.
    • Work with Head Product Control in co-ordination function on new build program
    • Procurement of items (consumables, client request etc.), obtain quotes and do procurement.

Performance Measures                                                                                                                                                                   

  • Decision Making/ Problem Solving/ Autonomy
  • Measures effectiveness in understanding problems and making timely, practical decisions.
  • Working on own initiative with contact from Supervisors as required
  • Administration
  • Measures effectiveness in planning, organizing and efficiently handling activities and eliminating unnecessary activities.
  • Knowledge of Work
  • Considers employee’s skill level, knowledge and understanding of all phases of the job and those requiring improved skills and/ or experience.
  • Communication
  • Measures effectiveness of listening to others, expressing ideas, both orally and in writing and providing relevant and timely information to management, co-workers and customers.
  • Managing  Change and Improvement
  • Measures effectiveness in adapting to necessary changes from old methods when they are no longer practical, identifying new methods and generating improvement in facility’s performance.
  • Customer Responsiveness
  • Measures responsiveness and courtesy in dealing with internal staff, external customers and vendors.
  • Dependability
  • Measures how well employee complies with instructions and performs under unusual circumstances. Includes attendance and time keeping, according to the roster.
  • Safety
  • Measure’s individual’s work habits and attitudes as they apply to working safely. Consider their contribution to accident prevention, safety awareness, ability to care for property and keep workspace safe and tidy.
  • Employee’s Responsiveness
  • Measures responsiveness in completing assigned tasks in a timely manner, in accordance with established standards, policies and procedures.
  • Teamwork
  • Measures how well the employee gets along with colleagues, respecting their rights and showing a cooperative spirit.
  • Independent Action

Measure effectiveness in time management as well as initiative and independent action within prescribed limits.

Job Requirements

  • Qualification & skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills - able to connect to all levels of staff/ members (senior to junior)
  • Athletic – highly energetic and chatty in a professional manner
  • Well presented –presentable  appearance, pleasant, maintains eye contact engagement and approachable
  • Reliable and able to work over weekends when required
  • Strong time management skills
  • Basic analytical skills
  • Strong attention to detail – point out not working/ out of standard/ old styling and escalate for improvement
  • Experience
  • Required – at least 2 years working experience in the Facilities / Property Management industry
  • Desirable – at least 2 years working experience in the hospitality industry (hotel, gyms, membership clubs, restaurant)
  • Managed staff experience
  • Experience dealing with international style clients
  • Some experience in sales element
  • Manage white collar and non-non reporter staff (by influence)