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REMOTE UI/UX ENGINEER job vacancy in Lagos | 25th and staffing

Job Title


Job Type

Full Time

Industry / Specialization

Insurance - ICT & Computer

Qualification Requirements


Years of Experience

2 Years

Job Availability

From: 24-Nov-2020   To: 7-Dec-2020

Job Functions

Our client in the US is looking to hire a UI/UX Engineer who will be responsible for implementing the design and development of front-end applications that meet the needs of the user. 

Your focus will be on building the front end of the application along with full-stack engineers on your team with a focus on scalability, maintainability, reusability and testability.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Discuss application features and design ideas with the team
  • Research similar application designs and user interface modules
  • Writing the front-end code and build the user interface
  • Propose new technologies and implement PoC
  • Identify performance & scalability challenges and provide a technical solution 
  • Advocate usage of new open-source tools/frameworks and percolate the knowledge to the engineering team
  • Debug code errors and troubleshoot software issues
  • Conduct live application tests and tweaks
  • Update web applications in line with user trends

Job Requirements

Technical Expertise 
⦁    2+ years of experience as a UI Engineer
⦁    Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Graphic Design, Web Design, or similar field
⦁    Strong technical ability in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and React
⦁    In-depth knowledge of user interface models, application design, and website functionality.
⦁    Understanding of layout aesthetics
⦁    Good knowledge of cloud hosting tools like Netlify, AWS S3, Cloudflare, Heroku, etc.
⦁    Creating self-contained, reusable, and testable Modules and Components
⦁    Deep understanding of Web Performance and Web Accessibility
⦁    Take responsibility for their code: follow through with it and address any issues that result from it in the future
⦁    Knowledge of industry-standard software best practices, development lifecycle processes, and Agile and SCRUM methodologies

Soft-Skills That Will Come Handy
⦁    Sharp mind, flat outsmart, willing to take direction
⦁    Ambitious, dedicated, and a little eccentric
⦁    Team oriented, willingness to standardize code and architecture
⦁    Strong attention to detail
⦁    Head for problem-solving and analytical thinking
⦁    Having a flexible working style
⦁    Being self-motivated and having a desire to learn new technologies
⦁    Comfortable with working unsupervised
⦁    Good communication skills