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SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING MANAGER job vacancy in Lagos | 25th and staffing

Job Title


Job Type

Full Time

Industry / Specialization

Food Services - Media, Advertising & Branding

Qualification Requirements


Years of Experience

3 Years

Job Availability

From: 20-Jul-2020   To: 30-Jul-2020

Job Functions

Our client in the Hospitality industry is looking to hire a creative Social media marketing manager who will work to promote and strengthen their brand by using social media platforms.

Key responsibilities

  • Creating content, including text posts, video, and images for use on social media
  • Creating, managing, and growing the company’s presence through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other strategically relevant online properties
  • Interacting with customers and dealing with customer’s inquiries
  • Developing new social media strategies and campaigns
  • Keeping track of data and analyzing the performance of social media campaigns
  • Collaborating with colleagues from across marketing departments to ensure branding is consistent
  • Managing incoming media requests and building relationships with industry journalists; creating, executing, and measuring media campaigns
  • Responsible for customer support – answering questions however they come in (phone, e-mail, Instagram) and managing any online feedback forums.
  • Outdoor marketing – The marketing manager is responsible for coming up with a sales pitch to present to potential customers.
  • Graphic Design - with other members of the marketing and creative departments to visually convey a particular message, idea, or concept.

Job Requirements

  • At least 3 years of cognate experience
  • A knowledge of and an interest in the methods organizations use to promote themselves through social media is a necessity
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Photo and video editing experience
  • Organizational skills
  • Analytical ability
  • An ability to multitask, to work on a number of projects at once
  • Problem-solving skills