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Our Services

Competitive Pay

We know the market rates for your area and we work with our clients to insure you are compensated according to your skills and experience.

CV Writing

Our dynamic CV generator will help set you apart in 5 mins. Best of all if you are already registered, your information would be populated for faster cv generation, the result a beautiful document that Employers will love.


We advise successful candidates on skills gaps identified and on client’s culture and values. This is usually a short few hours training.


with demand, we offer a workshop consistent of work productivity that is GUARANTEED to help you get and stay employed.

Distance Learning

We have partnered with International organizations and top Universities in the UK for Mini and MBA courses with flexible payments and learning, at a discount.


We offer personalized coaching to candidates by providing training and guidance that supports personal and professional learning.


We offer a Systematic assessment testing exercise to ascertain the level of training or coaching a candidate requires.

Video Interview

We frequently record interviews for clients on request. Video interviews can substantially increase your chances of getting a job.

Resume Writing

Our team of dedicated and talented CV writers offers top quality resumes utilizing your experience and acumen helping you standout the more.