How do I take the test ?

After you must have completed your profile and uploaded your CV, you may take the test by clicking here.

What’s the eligibility criterion for the Assessment Test (AT)?

Any individual looking for a job Any individual looking to sharpen their skills

When and where can I take the test?

Once we have confirmed payment. You will be scheduled to take the test in our office.

How long is the test?

The overall time duration of AT is dependent upon the package you choose, but on average the test is about 61-minutes.

It is a written test or a computer based test?

The Accessment Test (AT) is a computer based test.

What subjects does the AT cover?

The AT is a multi-dimensional test which covers Aptitude, (consisting of English, Quantitative Ability and Reasoning, Microsoft word and more)

What happens after I take the AT, am I guaranteed a job?

Once you take the AT and pass, your profile is accessible by our increasing list of recruiters and we equally market your skills and CV weekly to our clients via online and offline, though we cannot guarantee you a job, we can guarantee your chances of landing a job would be greater, of course with great effort on your end.

What are the advantages of giving the AT?

The AT is a standardized test which helps in identifying talent to a particular recruiter or employer

  • It provides equal opportunities to all job seekers and it helps based on skill set
  • Employers make up their mind about a particular hire using our holistic approach, which we also advise all our clients
  • It also, opens new avenues by enabling you to access small and medium sized companies as well.
  • Helps identify your strengths and weaknesses; enhances your experience at real-world employment tests
  • Applying to multiple employers becomes simpler for you Personalized feedback about you for your prospective recruiter or employer

  • What is a good score in the AT?

    Different industries/companies have different criteria on different sections of the test.

    While some companies look for high scores in some areas, others might choose a different score. Hence there is no ONE good score. We encourage our clients to look at the score report , which is the best and surest indicator of an individual’s performance at said job.

    What is the passing score?

    For the Microsoft based test a score of 60 is passing, specifically Excel. All others will need a 70 percent score. Some employers may need just an average score of less than 70. The Assessment test itself is not viewed as a pass or fail unless you just score very low.

    My AT scores are low. What should I do?

    First of all, we will take a look at your feedback report. The report will help you understand the areas where you didn't fare well and we will help you understand how you can improve your employability and AT scores. After reading the report, we will recommend training areas at your consent

    Can I retake the AT again?

    Yes. You can take the AT again after 3 months of your last attempt. You may take the AT a maximum of 4 times in a calendar year post your first attempt. However, you can take the test in more than one category in a single day.

    How long is my score valid?

    Your score is valid for a period of 6 months. This is so that we may provide fresh leads to our clients (Employers)

    Which Test should I take?

    We recommend you take the test by position.

    Do I need to take different test for different companies?

    AT is a standardized test, the same AT score is available to all companies, and thus you do not need to re-sit the AT for different companies. Your score will be accessible to any potential employer searching for a qualified candidate

    At what score will I get a job opportunity?

    The AT does not guarantee a job; it will only promote you to potential employers and get you noticed. Apart from the "right" scores, at a given point of time, a job opportunity will depend on a variety of factors which include:

  • The needs and wants of the company
  • Area that companyis hiring
  • Specific qualification/eligibility of the company

  • Any other questions?

    Please contact us using our contact us page. We will be sure to respond to your query within 24hrs