Can you help me find a job?
Yes we can if your academic qualification and experiences matches our clients person specification.
Do I have to pay for the Services?
25th and Staffing recruitment processes are free to job seekers but for specialized services there is a service charge.
My CV is not impressive, can you help me work on it?
With our top-grade CV Generator, we can change your unimpressive CV to something professional in just 5 minute and we also offer CV writing services.
How do I sign up with 25th and Staffing?
Simply click on Login/ Register on the top Right- hand side of the website, click on the icon and click on Jobseeker to fill all necessary requirements to make you a registered member.
What services do you offer to jobseekers?
We help jobseekers find jobs, write good CV’s, proffer personalized training, coach, career advisory and systematic testing.
Where are you located
We are centrally located in Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria and have a satellite office in Houston, TX. 25th and Staffing can provide you with assistance anywhere in the world.
Do I have to pay for this service?
Yes, there are fees associated with using a staffing (recruitment) agency to hire employees. The benefits far outweigh the cost. You can save time and money by working with our team of experts at 25th and Staffing.
What are the benefits of working with 25th and Staffing, than with other staffing agencies
At our core, we are a team driven by customer success. Our team of experts are enthusiast and passionate about finding the right fit for our clients. We get to know your industry, competitors and factor that into finding a skilled and productive experienced professional(s) who is a great fit for your company.