Tips to Keep You Productive This Holiday Season (Part 2)

Have an informal feedback session

Throughout the year, office meetings have been held in one way.

In a meeting room where employees probably come in stiff, hoping they don’t get called out.

Why not switch it up this festive season?

Over here, we have had meetings at random places outside of the office. One worthy of note is the one we had at the beach.

(In case you were wondering, yes, it was fun and enlightening.)

Sometimes, feedback given in an informal way has a generates a long lasting impact than formal performance reviews.

Take advantage of the happy, festive atmosphere to have a group meeting, where every team member shares what he/she plans to improve on for the incoming new business year, or achievements they are proud of that were achieved during the year.

This will create stronger team bonding, encourage feedback from multiple sources and, at the same time, provide direction to everyone for the new year.


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