Skills Recruiters Need in the New World of Work: NEGOTIATION

Last week, we spoke about the need for recruiters to build up on or acquire new skills that will help them stand out in the new world of work.

Diving right into it, the number one skill set we believe ‘new recruiters’ should possess or develop is Negotiation.

For one, negotiation plays a HUGE role in any business, whether you are a recruiter or the wolf of wall street.

Taking the wolf of wall street for example, the movie emphasizes the beauty of Negotiation.

In the new world of work, prospects have more leverage to try and push down rates and most recruiters might fall for this trap, especially if they don’t have enough jobs on their table.

As a recruiter, if you are highly skilled in the power of Negotiation, and you know that you or the company you work for offers top-notch value, convincing prospects that your agency’s services are worth the cost should be as easy as taking a walk in the park.

Who wins in a negotiation? The one who is willing to walk away.

See you next week!


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