Practice Practice Practice!

Most things in life are achievable through hard work, focus, and dedication.

Current football greats, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo (in no particular order) have one thing in common.

They don’t stop practicing.

Even though they are the best that football has to offer in this age, they have not gone to sit back and relax.

They keep practicing until they are perfect at their craft.

The same goes for videos and transcending your fears of appearing in front of a camera.

The more videos you make, the more natural it will feel to be in front of a camera (another reason to keep watching your videos back to see how you can improve).

A skill to practice and focus on is the art of looking directly into the lens of your camera to give your viewers(employers) direct eye contact as it helps you connect with them and hold their attention.

Of course, there are other things to look out for that will make your video content more engaging.

The speed of your speech, your body language, your tone and so much more.

The only way you can successfully tweak these to perfection is through constant practice.

Focusing on these “small” aspects can go a long way in defining your final video output, so don’t stop practicing!


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