Watch loads of video content

You can learn a lot from watching other people shine on the big (or small) screen.

(For the horror movie fanatics, I am not talking about the shining or Doctor Sleep)

One of the tips to looking confident in front of a camera is energy. Pump as much energy into that video as you can. You can never have too much energy onscreen!

I mean, we all love Regina Hall, don’t we? 

Of course, unless you are video pitching for an acting role, you don’t need to go all out studying your favorite actors and actresses.

You could watch video content by vloggers and be well on your way to success.

This is because they will set a high standard that you can learn from and prove to you that there is really nothing to worry about. Basically, there’s nothing that they are doing that you can’t do too.

Get used to seeing yourself onscreen

Let’s go down memory lane for a second. How did it feel when you saw yourself on video for the first time?

Let me guess, you cringed so hard, they probably felt it in Mars.

But hold up, it is completely natural that your initial instinct is to cringe.

It’s always a bit awkward watching yourself onscreen(especially if you’re a vampire who has lived through many years).

This is because even though you’re used to seeing yourself in a mirror(probably daily), listening to your own voice talk back to you can feel a bit weird and shake your confidence a little bit.

But don’t let the awkwardness stop you from being great.

It’s the same for everyone (again, except vampires); Will Smith, the great actor that he is, probably didn’t start off being perfect in front of a camera.

Everyone experiences this kind of stage fright, but the key to getting over it and recording that job winning video pitch is to constantly record and watch yourself back so you get used to seeing yourself onscreen.

This is who you are, be proud of that, cringe and all!

Check again next week for the concluding part of this series!


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