According to Statista, the current number of smartphone users in the world today is 3.5 billion, and this means 45.04% of the world’s population owns a smartphone.

If you’re not reading this post from your smartphone right now, I’m pretty sure your smartphone is within eyeshot.

(You just caught a glimpse of that beautiful smartphone, didn’t you. 😉)

Smartphones now account for nearly half of all web traffic, and yet, there are so many companies out there whose job pages aren’t optimized for mobile use.

In our technologically advanced society, a mobile-optimized website is of the utmost importance. It ensures that visitors/job-seekers do not always need to open up a laptop to apply for a job or simply browse through your website.  

A lot of (qualified) candidates job-hunt on their phones and tablets. Hence, there is a need to optimize your website (job board) for mobile.

As we advised earlier in the series, try applying for a job on your website with your smartphone to understand the journey a mobile user has to take to apply for a job.

If it is difficult or (Heavens Forbid) impossible for you to apply for a job using a smartphone, best believe that many top talents have tried to apply for a job as well and have given up on the process due to poor user experience.

You can’t keep losing these talents. Make sure your application process is optimized for mobile. 

Tune in same time next week for the closing part of this series!

What a journey it has been.


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