Last week, we commenced this new series by taking a test run of your application process.

Your job application process should steer clear away from being complicated and stressful, 

and steer towards being easy and straight to the point.

This brings us to the next point in ways to ensure that you get quality applications in response to your vacancy ads.

Make the application short and concise.

Now, how long did it take for you to complete the application to your own job (as we discussed in the first step)? 

Did you get tired or overwhelmed at any point in the process? 

Did you almost give up?

If you had any of these feelings, you can be certain that the talented and qualified candidates you are looking for, had them too.

Studies have shown that reducing the length of an application process to five minutes or less can increase the overall conversion rate (candidates who view a job ad and then complete the application) by up to 365%!

For instance, imagine ordering a meal online, and the process to do so is stressful and long (taking longer than 5 minutes). 

Anybody would definitely give up on ordering that meal and find an alternative.

But if the ordering process is short, simple, and concise, then you would probably be ordering meals from that particular site regularly.

Can you see the picture we are trying to paint here?

The good news is that many directions can be followed to reduce the length of your application process, making it easy for candidates to apply.

For one, it is mind-boggling how many job application processes require candidates to fill in information that is guaranteed to be in their CV anyway.

Removing unnecessary fields in the job application process and making other less important fields optional rather than mandatory will make the process faster and easier for applicants – meaning more qualified candidates will complete it.

Please come again next week for more tips! 


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