Last week on the blog, we talked about protecting your workspace.

I mean, no one wants the enemy (distraction) to find its way into our sacred workspace, right?

How would we ever get work done?

No doubt, we know how hard it probably is to lock your pet out of your room or resist the temptation to watch “one” movie.

But we hope our tips were able to help.

If you missed the write-up, click here to read up!

In today’s episode, we are focusing on COMMUNICATION.

You need to over-communicate in the remote work life!


Okay, let us look at a quick scenario.

You fall a tad ill, and you need to take some days off to recover.

That is perfectly understandable.

Your co-workers and managers are trying to reach out to you via texts, calls, emails, heck even a carrier pigeon.

But there is no response from you.

Why should they be disturbing you when you’re ill, you begin to wonder.

When you finally muster up the strength to go through your mails, you realize that you forgot to hit the send button on the mail where you basically said, “I am ill, and will be unreachable for a few days”.

Now you’re panicking, there is one mail at the top of the list that starts with “Letter of Termi……” and you don’t want to believe it is what you think it is.

This is why there is a need to over-communicate.

You’ve said it once? Say it again, and then say it some more.

If you ever question the need to tell a coworker or manager something, you should go ahead and tell them.

You can never know what the other party does not know.

One thing to be wary of is your tone.

It is one of the biggest pitfalls of written communication because of its susceptibility to being misinterpreted or misunderstood.

That’s why it’s worth going the extra mile to review your message(s) before sending out, maybe writing a little extra than normal — overcommunicating — just to make sure your meaning is as clear as possible.

Bottom line is, without communication, your managers or co-workers might assume you have nothing to do and open a truckload of work on you out of the blue.

Come again next week for more tips for boosting your productivity as a remote worker!


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