Funny and almost insane things happen in the workplace all the time.

Here is my story.

This is a quick throwback to a time before the coronavirus hit.

I got to work earlier than normal on this day (at around 7 a.m).

I proceeded to unpack my bag and set up my laptop so I could dive into work early.

My friends (a.k.a coworkers) also trooped in not too long after (oh I miss them so much) and we got to talking and laughing.

I mean, we had not resumed officially yet, so a little slacking off was inevitable.

At some minutes past 8a.m, we got a call from the security post manning our gate.

Wondering what was up at such an early hour, I picked up the call, and I honestly wasn’t prepared for what was going to come next…

“Hello, good morning”, I said.

After the short pleasantries, the caller proceeded to inform me about a job candidate who came over for an interview.

I thought he was early, but then…

He said this candidate had been there SINCE 5 a.m!

I stopped him there in disbelief, hoping he would correct himself, but he did not.

I told my friends what I had just heard, but they did not believe me.

I went down the stairs to personally bring this early bird candidate up to the office because such dedication deserves an equal amount of respect.

We got into a conversation and the candidate explained to me that he lived really far away and didn’t want to take any chances.

Am I about to turn this story into a life lesson?

Yes, yes I am.

The fire that burns during the job hunt, should never be put off after landing the job.

Continue to have a passion for that job, and you will find yourself at the top in no time!



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