Last week on the blog, we talked about dressing and grooming professionally.

Even though we know that some of us have still been going for your virtual meetings with only our upper half-dressed (I mean, haven’t we all?), we hope you were able to get the message we were trying to pass across.

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In today’s episode, we are talking about PROTECTING YOUR WORKSPACE.

Let us imagine you are at war, as a soldier or gladiator.

Your major aim (Pun intended, get it? “MAJOR Aim”? Haha).

Anyway, your major aim is to win. You want to be successful or triumphant by any means necessary.

So, when you are setting up your base of operations or fortress, you set it up in a way that will not allow any form of distractions or foreign body to find its way in.

Because distractions or foreign bodies will always find a way to mess up a “perfect” plan.

I mean, you will not want the enemy to find a way into your stronghold, right? That is basic WAR 101.

The same applies to the #WorkfromHome life.

To protect your workspace while working from home, you need to communicate with the people around you.

You have family, roommates, or pets around? Talk to them about the hours you are going to be working and the ground rules during those hours.

You need to understand that anything that can distract you WILL distract you.

You don’t want to be on a call with a client, and your dog barking is serving as background music.

You need to be as proactive as you can to avoid these kinds of incidents.

We all remember that funny BBC interview, where a man got distracted because his kids just waltzed into his interview like nobody’s business.

When in doubt, tape the “Do Not Disturb!” sign to your door!

Asides protecting your workspace in this pandemic, you also need to look out for your career!

Thinking of making the big move when the dust blows over and you do not know where to start?

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And hey, come again next week Thursday for more amazing tips 😉


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