Dress and groom professionally

Last week on our remote work tips series, we talked about cutting yourself some slack in your remote work journey.

Because the transition from going to work every day to suddenly having nowhere to go is a HUGE one.

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We hope the short write up helped to guide you on an amazing start in the remote work life.

On today’s episode, we are talking about DRESSING AND GROOMING PROFESSIONALLY.

For many, working from home is like a dream come true.

You want to know what else is a dream come true?

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How is working from home like a dream come true?

You get to set your own active hours of work, your workload for the day and how you choose to achieve your goals.

To add the icing to the work from home cake, you can basically do all this from the comfort of your bed, making money in your nightwear!

Amazing stuff.

Sadly, this is not always the case.

Anyone who has worked from home for any period of time knows that one of the challenges remote workers face is holding on to productivity.

You will not always get to set your own hours, your “comfortable home” is most definitely not an office, and most of all, working in your nightwear is likely to damage your productivity and concentration.

Without actually “dressing up” for work, you lose the triggers that condition your brain into understanding when work starts, and home life stops.

Do not get it wrong, we are not suggesting that you should wear a suit at home because you want to be at maximum productivity (this actually seems like a good idea), just dress up.

Talking about dressing,

You know how you cannot go for a date or a million-dollar contract bid dressed in a t-shirt and shorts?

I mean unless you have absolutely nothing to lose, doing such is almost insane.

You should always put your best foot forward, no matter the occasion.

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Dressing up is as simple as brushing your teeth, having your bath, applying deodorant, or even wearing your favorite clothes or heels.

Doing these will trigger your mind into believing you are actually going to work, as opposed to staying on your bed, comfortable in your nightwear.

Your morning prep routine plays a large role in determining your mindset for the day.

Please come back again next week (all dressed up of course 😉) for new tips!


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