As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, many organizations have either shut down or asked employees to work remotely.

If you have never worked from home, this can present itself as a challenge.

Luckily for you, we at 25th and Staffing and Productive People have vast experience with coordinating and providing organizations with a talented and highly skilled remote workforce (and all the nuances that come along with it),

and we are here to assist YOU in becoming the best remote worker the planet has ever seen! 

(Until the pandemic blows over of course).

Throughout this Pandemic, we would be sharing remote working tips for increased productivity (and maximum fun)!

No doubt, remote working is an exciting opportunity to work from the comfort of your bed, while sipping on juice, attending meetings with your top half all dressed up and your lower half… not so much.

These and many more are the fun things that come with working remotely.

But how do you handle the change?

The distractions?

How do you remain productive in an environment that is set up to tempt you?

Well first off, you need to cut yourself some slack.

The transition from going to work every day to suddenly having nowhere to go is a HUGE one.

You might feel lonely, isolated, frustrated, unmotivated or even feel relaxed, and generally productive.

These are normal feelings. 

Just know that any transition takes some time to get used to, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Ensure you put all your effort into your daily tasks, and with time, it will come easy to you.

Plus, your boss will appreciate the effort when he/she sees it.

So, get off this blog (for now please, don’t abandon us) and start putting in that effort!

New tips will be available here next week Thursday! Please don’t miss it.

Let us go on this remote work journey together.


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