Identifying a recruiter you can trust.

“Trust is like the air we breathe. When it’s present, nobody notices, but when it’s absent, everybody notices,” Warren Buffet’s definition of trust.

Trust is important to further the growth of any relationship. Lack of it hinders the possibility of any cordial rapport.

You receive a call or email, and it’s a recruiter with the offer to either recruit for your company or poach you as a candidate to fill a role. 

After everything said, you seem satisfied with the offers, but the thought lingers, “do I trust this person?”

In subsequent posts, we will discuss qualities that serve as indicators of recruiters you can trust. 

But first, let us identify why trust is needed.

Why you need to trust your recruiter.

No matter how much technology might get involved in recruitment, even with the advent of recruitment AI, you cannot possibly take out the most important aspect of recruitment, human involvement.

Recruitment is about measuring human capabilities and fitting them in roles they would function optimally in. 

It also involves helping fellow humans fulfil career dreams, and no amount of programming or algorithm can replace the human part of the process.

To benefit from this relationship, there needs to be trust between the client/candidate and the recruiter.

Despite how important trust is to nurture good relationships with clients and candidates, recruiters, unfortunately, have a reputation for being untrustworthy!

This then begs the question, why is there distrust for recruiters?

There are various reasons why, but the most cited ones would be:

  • Recruiters are only driven by personal gain.
  • Recruiters are pushy.
  • Recruiters lie to get what they want.

With this stereotype, it would be unfair to think there are no trustworthy recruiters. 

So, here is a foolproof manual on how to identify a recruiter you can trust, through your communication.

Qualities of a trustworthy recruiter

The following traits are what you would see in a recruiter that you can depend on:

  • Does not use ‘me-centric’ communication
  • Avoids vagueness
  • Isn’t too persistent
  • Focuses on your superpowers.
  • Treats you like a customer, not just another candidate or client
  • Keeps in touch
  • Understands you probably won’t go for it right away.

Lack of one or more of these is an indicator to either hang up that call or not reply to that email.

Subsequently, we would discuss each trait and expatiate on them individually. 

Join us as we make sure that you get the BEST out of your recruiter.


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