Recruiters love when candidates…have a professional profile

Valentine may have gone, but there is always room for love in the air. Everyone talks about how sweet love is, other than you. Not because you don’t want to love, but because you don’t have a date.

You want that to change badly. You check online for a dating site and decide to set up a profile.

While setting up your profile, you put in your name and address. That’s all. No pictures, no description of yourself, your traits and all you are “packing”.

There is nothing about your amazing culinary skills, especially your killer jollof rice. Nothing about how you love pets, especially dogs and how you enjoy spending time with the people you love.

No way for your prospective “soulmate” to see your nice almond eyes and long natural hair.

Absolutely nothing to sell yourself!

If you continue with that profile, rest assured, you wouldn’t be getting any dates anytime soon.

You can’t woo your dream date with little or no information about yourself. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to get your dream job, without selling yourself as worthy of it.

What is a professional profile

To sell yourself, you need a properly structured professional profile.

professional profile is a brief summary of your skills, strengths, and key experiences. It also should convey what you are seeking or what you have to offer.

Summarily, a professional profile would include detailed information about your educational, technical and skill capabilities and achievements

It would include evidence of how well, where and when you have done what you offer as your deliverable and demonstrates the level of experience on the role.

With your profile, a recruiter has a mental picture of who you are and what you are “packing”.

A detailed CV/resume, a LinkedIn account, and a cover letter are the best ways to sell yourself to any recruiter.

Creating a great CV

To create a detailed CV, that would have recruiters competing for you, we suggest following these tips.

It takes time and effort to build up a comprehensive CV and LinkedIn profile, but finding ways to expand on past experiences is one way to do this.

You didn’t grow that long, pretty hair or build that six-pack in one day, you would not be able to build a strong profile in a short time.

On that note, not all experience is valuable. Review your experiences, highlighting which of them are important to the role or industry you are applying into.

If there is a way to adjust an experience to suit a role, feel free to. Just make sure you can defend the relevance of the experience to the role.


Before being considered for a role, a recruiter searches platforms like LinkedIn, to find the best talents for a role. How can you position yourself to be in the first view of the recruiter?

In coming weeks, our Tuesday tips series would highlight ways to place yourself as the best candidate in your industry for a role. Look out for these.

Conclusively, to catch the eyes of any recruiter and move on to the first date stage of an interview, make sure your professional profile is as attractive as you are.


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