In all areas of life, being articulate about your value is key to achieving success and advancement.

For example, when a guy is trying to “toast” a gal, he makes sure he presents his best form, even if it is for just that moment.

He speaks right, calls often, shows care and all the cringey “lovey-dovey” things to impress.

I mean, he can’t send a love letter to her (assuming people still do that these days) or try to talk over the phone with her and be making grammatical errors or mistakes.

Best believe, he would be alone this valentine.

No one wants to be with someone who can’t articulate and communicate properly.

How to move on when your favourite says NO

The same applies to the corporate world.

You can’t possibly send your CV with mistakes and expect to get a job.

You might have the best qualifications, an amazing job experience, and impressive knowledge,

But if you are unable to articulate these things perfectly, you will be sidelined.

To improve the way you communicate and articulate, you should;

  • Listen to yourself speak,
  • Study other speakers,
  • Pace yourself, and ultimately,
  • Think before you speak.

Practising all of this will make the recruiter attracted to you and your profile,

And probably make you get the job.

So, practice, practice, practice!

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