It’s been a week since we let you in on the #WritingsOnOurWall

Last week, we discussed DRIVE.

Why and how we should get it.

Next to DRIVE on our wall is TEAMWORK.

You’ve probably heard all the sayings and quotes about team and teamwork;

“There’s no ‘I’ in team”, “Teamwork makes the dream work” etc.

But how exactly can it be built in your organization?

We pride ourselves as a classic example of an organization that thrives on teamwork.

We are going to share 5 secrets that have helped us build an amazing team and encourage teamwork

Play: We have a work hard, play harder mentality. You should see us having fun! This creates a flexible environment for everyone to relate, get to know each other and build a bond that nurtures unity of purpose.

Create opportunities to collaborate: Of course we have different departments. Yes, we have different targets.

And yes, we have a way of merging the different teams to collaborate on projects.

The result?

Individuals learn about how different people react to challenges, build emotional intelligence, pick up good traits and respectfully point out not so good ones, with the aim of improving the individual and the team at large

Build clear communication platforms: We encourage brainstorming sessions, listening, the proper manner of arriving at consensus, generally, facilitating communication.

This does not mean we hold meetings all the time. Rather it means we remain open to suggestions and concerns.

We ask questions and offer help, and do everything we can to avoid confusion in our communication.

Create a common goal: So, I want to let you in on something…we have a year’s target, and when (notice I didn’t say ‘if’…) we achieve it, the reward would be a trip to Dubai!

Guess how gingered everyone is to achieve the year’s target!

Together, we are poised to make sure we spend the end of the year in Dubai.

Look out for our pictures!

Leaders act as harmonizing influences: We simply have amazing bosses! Mark Igbinedion and Emem Usen are the perfect bosses to foster great team spirit. They foster individual creativity and unity.

As attested to by Chibuzo, in one of our recent team meetings, Emem “brought a motherly feel to the firm” and has made us “better people”

If the shepherds know and show the importance of teamwork, the “flock” would follow suit.

We hope you’ve gained one thing or the other from our exposé.

We’d like to hear from you too.

What do you do at your workplace to aid teamwork?

What else do you think can be done to further boost teamwork in an organization?

Let us know in the comment section.

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