Love it or hate it, challenges are one of the most constant things in life.

Like the Olympics, the universe keeps testing us, with hurdles for us to clear.

Clearing these hurdles will only make us wiser, and ultimately victorious at the end of it all.

The question here is, how do you scale through these hurdles?

For millennials and generation z, when faced with a problem, the first thing they would do is go on the internet and search.

Visiting sites like Google, Nairaland, Quora, Reddit, YouTube, GitHub, etc. for solutions to whatever problem(s) they might be facing.

I mean, on a planet with about 7.7 billion people, someone should have faced the exact same problem, and a solution should have been provided, right?

You find a solution, apply it, and all is well with the universe again.

But what if nobody has faced your situation before?

What do you do then?

We’re suggesting unconventional problem solving, with creativity.

In the business world, unconventional problem solving comes in handy when you’re trying to give something a temporary fix, hoping to find a more permanent fix later, or an outright permanent fix.

Let’s hop in a time machine real quick and travel to the old days.

Back then, someone pretty much got tired of walking/horseback riding to work every day and decided to come up with an unconventional solution (at the time), a car.

(and we are still using cars today, until someone comes through with a flying car, *fingers crossed*).

Don’t get it wrong, traditional problem solving can fix problems, no doubt.

But unconventional problem solving opens up the world to new ways of solving a particular problem, that could even end up changing the future.

Problem-solving ideas could be gotten through teamwork, thinking outside the box and getting creative.

These are sure-fire ways to deal with workplace problems, hence keeping the work moving and boosting the overall morale of employees.


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