Back in the day (no, I am not that old), on Saturday mornings, I’d always look forward to watching “Justice League”.

A D.C animation involving a bunch of superheroes who came together to achieve a somewhat common goal.

And they had a VERY diverse team.

I mean, Superman from Krypton, Batman from Earth, Aquaman from the lost city of Atlantis and even Wonder Woman, from Themyscira.

Whenever a problem (in the form of a villain) presented itself, they would all sit at a round table in their floating fortress, and gather thoughts on how to deal with the situation.

Because of the creative ideas from all of the heroes, they always triumphed over every precarious situation.

Of course, just a single one of them could handle the threat, but in reality, no one man can actually do it alone.

Heck, even superman needed saving sometimes.

The same applies to the workplace.

With a diverse team, different worlds of creativity are opened up in your organization.

With different approaches to different problems, it leads to different forms of exciting creativity in collaboration and fun in the workplace.

Tune in same time next week for the next part of this series.


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