When you think about fun, what comes to mind is -an amusement park, outings with friends, Netflix and chill…., the list goes on.

When you think about creativity, what comes to mind is -youthful exuberance, a colorful exhibition, a painting, or even a song.

But what doesn’t pop up in the mind in any of the above scenarios, is the workplace.

Because, why should things like creativity and fun exist in the stiff and rigid workplace?

Well, creativity is important and very essential in all aspects of life.

You want to propose to your long-time crush? You’d better get creative with it.

(Now I’m not saying you should break the bank, fly her out to some colorful remote town in Japan and propose to her under a blooming sakura tree, I mean, what if she says no? (and no, I am not speaking from experience ☹))

Anyway, it’s #CreativityMonth!

And we’re going to be doing a fun, month-long content series on how creativity helps to boost the workplace and make it, dare I say? fun.


Well, because creativity is important.

The light bulb, airplanes, our blog content, computers, even the internet that you’re using to read this blog post are all products of creativity.

Creativity has helped to shape the world as we know it today.

Why won’t you let it shape your organization?

Now that I have you convinced; new episodes come out every Thursday!


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