When a man is trying to sweet talk a lady into accepting his advances, a couple of other factors will determine if she will say yes,

or call the cops and get a restraining order.

The same applies to a recruiter – candidate relationship.

A candidate cannot simply be wooed by the huge paycheck you’re offering alone.

If you are solely dependent on using a salary to woo employees, without looking at the following factors, you may well be on your way to not finding employees anymore.


Imagine a man trying to woo a lady with all of his riches and what not.

The lady goes online to do a quick background check on the type of person this man is, and BOOM!

The first thing that comes up is that this man has been to jail twice and is currently wanted by the police in 15 states and 2 countries.

Definitely, she is going to close that tab, delete his number and act like they never met (probably call the feds too and get that reward money).

As a company, if the internet is filled with bad news about your brand, nobody will want to associate with you because basically, no one wants that smoke.

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