The surprise cake - 25th and staffing.

Our CEO came into work today looking dashing as ever

(and I’m not just saying this because she had cake in her hand).

With a smile on her face, she greeted us all and proceeded to her office with this awesome looking cake.

Not long after, we got our shares of this cake and…..

Honestly, the only problem with it was that it finished.

We wondered where she got this cake from, and apparently,

She baked it!

It should have been a jaw-dropping moment for all of us, but I’m pretty sure no one was going to let any bit of that chocolatey goodness escape from their mouths.

Gordon Ramsey would have been more than impressed!

The office came to an agreement that she should be the one to bake the cakes for our birthdays, instead of ordering for it.

We haven’t told her about this agreement yet, but she is probably reading this post like you are.

So please, help us beg her in the comments 😭

Fingers crossed.

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