Another Monday is upon us and it is #CommonSenseDay!

I was waiting for the bus to work this morning, and a man pulled up in his awesome looking car.

In a bid to assist people trying to get to work, he parked illegally like someone about to pull off a heist (a quick get in, and get out), completely disregarding the rules and the common sense that applies to road use.

He ended up getting his car impounded, and I’m pretty sure he might have had to “hustle” his way to work (and by hustle, I mean trek).

Every day, we come across various instances where people have this over-inflated sense of self-importance, because of something like age, a higher degree or even a close relationship with the boss.

This man probably thought, “because I am trying to help people, the rules don’t apply to me”.

Well, he thought wrong and I’m pretty sure that he is going to have a long time to think about his actions on his long walk to work today.

If you have this mindset, you might also have to hustle your way through life because no one will want to work with someone with an exorbitantly heightened sense of self-importance.

Take a little more time to stop, think, and consider your options before acting on impulse.

Basically, just use your common sense.

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