Remote Work: Managing your remote staff

Remote Working, most HR managers cringe whenever they see this word, maybe you even did or your face is screwed up in disgust. Remote working is not necessary evil especially now it’s becoming more and more requested by staff because of the Lagos traffic situations.

Wondering how to manage that staff remotely that doesn’t even give feedback whilst present? We asked our top HR clients that currently have remote staff members and here’s their feedback

Set up a schedule with deliverables

Benjamin Franklin rightly said if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Setting up a schedule with deliverables should be the first point of action when a staff member is about to work remotely. This can be done daily or weekly depending on the circumstance.

Draft out key tasks to be done and set strict deadlines for those tasks. That makes communication of feedback clearer. The two parties both know what is to be done and when deliverables will be delivered.

Check-ins and Feedback

Determine a check-in time to follow up with and clarify tasks been done. Both the staff and manager on track using check-ins. Be Careful not to micromanage, find out what works and implement it. Concerning feedback, make sure your feedback is conclusive and clear. Vague feedback will truncate the process so it’s advised to make sure 360 feedback is given.

360 feedback should include, what could have been done better, what should not be included and the next steps.

Applications to utilize

Technology has now made tracking remote staff much easier. Below are the suggested applications to use to manage and track your remote staff. Review and find out the application that best suits your process. Some applications double as communication platforms and project management hubs.


Trello, Slack, Zoom

Project and File Management

Asana and Google Docs/Sheets/Slides

Go ahead and start planning with your remote staff. You may also share your concerns and success’ of managing a remote staff member in the comments.


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