Recruitment strategies that will help you win the talent war.

The recruiting and hiring process is not what it used to be and you’ve probably felt the impact of this first-hand. Quality talent is scarce and above budget.

You may currently have an existing strategy but here are the top two that will help you win the talent war.

Recruitment Marketing

If you haven’t heard of recruitment marketing, please move closer to your screen. Maybe reduce the brightness while you’re at it. Recruitment marketing is a unique strategy top hiring specialist are using to find, attract, engage and nurture talent way BEFORE they apply to the company.

Recruitment marketing if done well makes talent yearn to work for your company. Gone are the days having just a big brand name was enough to attract talent.

Candidates these days want to know what else you offer asides your big name. Do they get to work from home? How often do they get promoted? Is there karaoke on Thursdays?

All this juicy information can be communicated via your platforms to let potential talent see the benefits of working for your organization.

Asides LinkedIn, what other social platform do you find talent?

Social Recruiting

Frankly, the talent you want sometimes don’t have LinkedIn accounts, roles that need to be filled by technical talent usually aren’t found on LinkedIn. There are many other social platforms that candidates have accounts on and you may very well like to join others in being ahead of the game in finding these candidates.

Recruitment marketing and social recruiting are about the same with slightly different approaches but when combined will result in finding and attracting talent that genuinely wants to work for your organization.

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