What is Remote Work? A Guide to Working from Home

According to recently released data from the US Census, 5.2% of workers (8 million people) in the US worked at home in 2017. That share is up from 5% in 2016, and 3.3% in 2000. This means that remote work is on the rise and there will be up to a billion remote workers by 2030.

– What is Remote Work?

Remote work is a working style that allows professionals to work outside of a traditional office environment. It is based on the concept that work does not need to be done in a confined environment at a specific time to be executed successfully.

This style removes the stress of commuting from one point to another and lets you work from where ever you choose to work.

– How do people work remotely?

There are several ways to work from home and this is the beauty of working remotely. With your laptop, you can work from your home office, your hotel room or even the nearby coffee shop- as far as there is an internet connection.

It is so convenient working in your space and maybe coming in for a meeting once a week. We also have management tools that can help track the productivity of remote staff (Tools like Avana, Skype, Zoom, Trello, Slack, etc. )

Then we have co-working spaces. Co-working spaces act as hubs of productivity, community, and technology, offering great network connectivity and opportunities to meet others who work in a multitude of industries and can be utilized by both employees and entrepreneurs.

Why do people work remotely?

There is a multitude of benefits to remote work for both employees and employers, ranging from increased productivity to happier, healthier workers.

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