Pizza, Drinks, Spontaneity and a Meeting

It was a boring Thursday afternoon at the office.

(Thursday is the day of the week that stands between you and the un-official beginning of the weekend -Friday, and everyone seemed to be feeling the Thursday blues)

Our weekly meeting was scheduled to hold around noon on this weirdly slow day and when the time came, our CEO (the amazing woman that she is), rose like a phoenix from her chair and decided we were taking our meeting to the streets.

“This isn’t going to be a problem”, we thought. We would just get an Uber to take us wherever the meeting was going to hold and be back as usual.

We thought wrong!!

She said we were going to take a walk and I could see the despair in the eyes of my co-workers. “Why?”, “why are we walking? “.

Little did we know that we were in for a wild ride (or walk, in this case).

Soon after, like warriors sailing the seven seas, we set off. On the hunt for a place to hold our meeting.

We moved swiftly until we got to a restaurant. We stopped and decided to anchor our ship and go in.

They had a lounge which we used sometime in the year for one of our meetings.

Our chosen warrior walked ahead of us to inquire about the lounge while the rest of us peered at the menu, looking for what to order.

I had just written down my order when I saw my co-workers leaving. “What happened?”, I asked.

Well, apparently, because we didn’t book ahead, there was no space for us to have our meeting. So we set sail yet again, to find solid ground on which to hold our meeting.

After moving further, we found a pizza repository of some sort, anchored our ship yet again and went in.

There was space for us this time and everything was fine.

We moved to a lounge in the building, stuck our flag in the ground and claimed that space in the name of 25th and Staffing.

We had our meeting over pizza and drinks and some-what bonded more with each other.

We shared our taste in music and had multiple great laughs.

Finally, with the pizza gone and the bottles empty, we got up and made our way back to the office.

It wasn’t a boring Thursday afternoon anymore.

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