Embracing the Present

There are two things people tend to focus on: the past and the future. This prevents so many people from having an enjoyable life. The past has happened and the future is yet to happen, but the present is all you have right now so why not focus all the energy on it instead. If the present is perfectly utilized, then there is no need to regret the past nor be anxious about the future.

Accept the past, embrace the future and live in the present.

Live in the present mostly because we can never truly tell what lies beyond it. Let us learn to enjoy every situation, every step, every level. Take one day at a time and accept our present so as to make the best use of it.

It is human to be anxious though. When we were kids, we so wished to grow up… but now adult life has hit us and we miss the good old days. When in secondary school, we wished to be in the higher institution.

When we eventually get in, we start wishing for NYSC, immediately we start, or maybe not immediately, we start wishing we get done with it. We are so anxious to finish everything and go to the next phase.

The funny thing is that when we finally get past all these levels, we start to miss the past. We start to reminiscence about the past, meanwhile we had all the time in the world to fully enjoy those phases of our lives. We get so engrossed in wishing for the next step that we fail to enjoy the gift of the present.

To those I have lost, I am sorry you had to go there but I still appreciate you. You used to be my present but the past is where you belong now.

To those in my future, I’m glad you’re there and all I can do is appreciate you when you become my present.

To those in the present, you are all I have. I truly appreciate you.

You may not be in the future and you probably weren’t in my past but you’re here now and I have to cherish this because this is all I have right now – THE PRESENT.

I have made peace with my past, enjoying my present and awaiting my future.


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