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Google and You
Google and it’s benefits

Our guest writer for today is @Collins Okere, an Online Media Personnel, a Christian Writer, and a Tech Lover and User.


In today’s word of the day, he shared with us his write up titled “Google and You” and it is definitely captivating. Did you know you can use Google to get a job? Check out his article on our latest blog post for his take on Google and how it helps.




One online tool I believe will be of great benefit to any user is the search engine and surprisingly, not many know about this. Google, though not the only search engine, has become my personal assistant. I practically can’t live through a day without searching for something on Google.


Let me give you an idea of what I use it for. Whenever I am not sure of the spelling of a word, I simply input whatever spelling comes to my head and I get the correct spelling after pressing the enter button. I do this for other languages apart from English. I don’t only check out the spelling of words, I also check for the correct usage of those words. In cases where I don’t know the right kind of words to use, I simply type ‘words to use for……’


Even finding my way in a new environment, I just type in ‘the name of where I am’ to ‘wherever I am going’, a map comes up showing me the distance in meters and time by either walking, biking or via a motor vehicle from my present location to my destination.


When it comes to job hunting, as tedious as it is, you can actually set an alert for a preferred job position. You also have the option of adding filters like distance of job location to where you are staying, industry of the job, level of the job, etc.


At whatever level you are, Google search can always be of immense help and add a lot of value to you and what you do. Always remember to have the right keywords and be sure to get the best answers available at the shortest time possible.





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