What are the problems of communication in human relations?

I believe there is a human before resource, as much as we all want to be professional and leave personal issues at home, it is not always feasible.

We are individuals before anything else and our greatest problem is time, the relationship between person to person, mind meeting mind and as smooth as this can be sometimes, it gets complicated and that is why when someone says something at a particular time, it may be appealing but if the person repeats that statement at another time, it may not go very well.

There are communication blockages all around confusion, misunderstanding, and misevaluation….these things are bound to happen. There is an inability to look at things according to that which is real and important and there is also an inability to make contact without offending the sensibilities.

Human relations have to do with the behavior of persons toward each other. Human relations and interpersonal relations go hand to hand and have to do with the attitude and reactions which go on within groups.

This is to say that as much as human relations and interpersonal relations go hand in hand, there will always be some form of communication blockage at some point.

What are some other communication problems in human relations that you’ve observed?

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