The Lady of Honor!

A virtuous woman she is, worth more than Gold.

She is strong, determined, hardworking, prayerful and willing to learn.

A woman of strength, she is blessed.

That describes Ana, the mother of 25th and Staffing.

Ana is our “Helper”, she ensures the office is in order before the staff come in, takes care of us in the office and the last person to leave to ensure the office is tidy.

From her demeanor, you can tell she is wise, energetic and ready to help in the best way she knows how. From the way and manner in which she caters to us, you’d realize a heart full of love and a caring soul. Ana; a woman that loves everyone around her!

Finally, we cannot let her go even if we tried. Just a day off from work and she was sorely missed, the office was not the same and it was awfully silent.

Who wouldn’t want to work with an Industrious Lady like Ana- vicious and kind?


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