Success is a journey, not a Destination!

Annabelle studied Law in the university but she did it because her father had given that as the only ultimatum to going to the university.

She wanted to be an Editor but her father would not hear of that so she had to obey him and went on to join the Press and Media team in School to gain hands-on experience and skills she would need when she leaves.

After 7 years in school, she graduated with a distinction and inevitably made her father proud, however she knew she wanted a change and was still going to pursue her dreams of being an Editor. Even though her father was sad, he had to be understanding and let her go on to pursue her dreams.

At first, it didn’t go so well for her but with hard work and persistence she soared.

If you believe in what you do with your hands, you will succeed. The road may be turbulent at the beginning and even feel like there is no way but with continuous improvements, a breakthrough will show forth.



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