#womancrushwednesday for the Month


Our #womancrushwednesday for the month is the eccentric and focused Managing Director of 25th and Staffing, Emem Usen-Mudasiru.

I will tell you for a fact, she knows what she wants and goes the extra mile to get it done – you can term it visionary, goal- oriented, persistent, resilience but on the other hand she is a perfectionist and an analyzer.

She spoke to Uche Rita, Content Developer at Jobmag weeks ago and talked about her career experiences, her challenges, gender inequality and her advice to young Nigerian females trying to build a successful career.

Below is the excerpt from the article.

? What was the major challenge you encountered trying to build a successful career in Nigeria looking beyond gender?

Good question. The major challenge I had was being outspoken and having to curb my strength with “niceness.” What do I mean? A man can be outspoken and be strict and it would be quite alright, but for a woman, there’s a sense that you have to bring your femininity into the equation and balance it by being more subtle in your approach to business.

?To what extent do you think gender inequality has affected career choices of females in Nigeria?

I would take my cue at the key positions women hold in Government and in the Private Sector as a telltale sign. Though, I would have to admit that it is slowing changing with women such as Mrs. Ngozi Okono-Iweala and women contending as presidential aspirants. Lastly, more women are starting and building their own companies so I believe that’s enough inspiration for young women.

?What is your advice to young Nigerian females trying to build a successful career?

For young women trying to build a successful career – knowing your purpose (calling) and strengths is highly important (leads to excellence) and then capitalizing upon those strong attributes through continuous learning. Here is why, I find that once you know what you’re meant to BE and do – it kills majority of the noise that naivety and culture brings/detects. Finally, have or cultivate a great work ethic and a STRONG support system.




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