Opportunity abounds… seize the moment.

All too often, I see job seekers missing out on great opportunities… all in the name of being a “graduate”.

“I can’t do marketing Madam. Marketing is not for me. “

Actually, sales and marketing prepares you for the real world. Acceptance and rejection. If you want to be an entrepreneur or even lend value to a company you must learn how to be a “salesperson”. I do understand marketing and sales are used interchangeably in Nigeria, so I will use it for the point of this article. I am in no way saying you should accept any type of marketing/sales job.

I am saying kick the notion that you are entitled to a particular job and income level as this will hold you back immensely. Get flexible and open to all opportunities that present itself. Especially if you don’t have the “in” skills that will fetch you that monthly salary you’re seeking.

Additionally, the interviewer might know of another opening in another company and you might be recommended. Keep in mind, companies don’t care about your expectations, but the value you bring to the table.

Just say YES!

When you are presented with an interview opportunity that offends you because it is beneath you, it’s time to take a deep breath and say “yes” to the interviewer and let this lead you to other opportunities that may be exactly what you were seeking for in the first place.

A guy on our team took a job as a Freelance Marketer with us for one of our client in 2016, he was well educated and spoke eloquently. I wondered why he would want to take on this contract. Somewhere deep inside, I knew that Wale just seized the opportunity that presented itself to him.

I heard he “really tried” by our Business Manager, when it came to prospecting. While many badged and berated the product as a scam on Nairaland, he knew this was his only option FOR NOW.

Wale then called me for a reference, saying he got a permanent job and guess what, I was more than delighted to offer him a reference.




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