Who we are

We are a Global HR & Technology Company

25th and staffing

Who we are

25th and Staffing is a global people-centric company with a zeal for finding the right FIT talent for our clients locally and around the world.

We are mission driven to connect Africa’s workforce with global distributed and remote agile teams.

Our philosophy is centered around World-Class excellence and a customer service success experience.

Our ultimate goal is to insure our resources and experience drive profitable growth and success – for our temporary employees, our dedicated staff, our partner clients and the investors we serve .

25th and staffing


To be the best world class service provider in Human Resources.


To train and educate a skilled workforce to compete in Nigeria and globally.

25th and staffing
25th and staffing


25th and Staffing started in 2015, in a small office in Marina, Lagos Nigeria with only one dedicated employee. In 2016, we moved to our current office in Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria after a group of investors seeing our potential and relentless doggedness assisted with the initial seed capital.

Shortly thereafter, we served our first global client and more. We have been delighting customers ever since, with our growing team of dedicated Talent and Staff Management Mafias, who are relentless in combined passion and service for people.

We currently recruit and engage a distributed workforce in Africa, U.S, U.K and Australia.

In 2017, we registered 25th and Staffing LLC in Houston, Texas and plan on further expansion in the US by 2020.

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